10cm 15W Electric Foam Cutting Pen with Electronic Transformer Adaptor

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This hot foam cutter is designed to easily cut materials such as styrofoamFor art model making, student′s handmade practice, advertising words makingDIY foam cutter helps you cut polystyrene foam and similar material much easierIt is suitable for commercial artwork development, complex and small font design in advertisement, such as lettersYou can cut the form board or foam block from any angle and craft into your desired shapeDIY foam cutter is the excellent cutting tool to realize your design and delight your lifeIt can heat up quickly, the tube will be reached 200°C within 10 secondsArt piece creation by hobbyist and even model making lessons by kids at school
Stainless Steel
The Heater Tube Diameter
0.08" / 0.2cm
The Whole Length
9.84" / 25cm
The Needle Cutter Length
3.94" / 10cm
1.62oz / 46g
Working Power
Electronic Adaptor
Input: 100-240V ; Output: DC 6V 2.5A
Blue & Black & Silver
Package Includes
1 x Foam Cutting Pen1 x Electronic Transformer Adaptor

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